Welcome to CBTASNH

We are a family focused synagogue providing educational, spiritual, and recreational opportunities for all ages. While Orthodox in practice, we embrace every Jew and attempt to extend both a level of comfort and opportunities for growth for all.

Service Times

Recite Eruv Tavshillin
Candle Lighting - 5:50  PM                  
Evening Services 6:00 PM
Shacharit   8:45 AM
Yiskor (Thursday) 10:30 AM
Mincha 6:00 PM
Simchat Torah Dinner (Thursday) 8:30 PM

SIMCHAT TORAH, THURSDAY & Friday, October 16TH – 17TH    
Ma’ariv Services:  followed by Hakafot 6:30 PM
Candle Lighting – Thursday after 6:52 PM
Morning Services  8:45 AM
Yom Tov ends Friday & Shabbat Begins 5:47 PM
Evening Services 6:00 PM

October 18th – October 24th
Services 8:45 AM & 5:45 PM
Shabbat Concludes 6:48 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM & 5:55 PM
Monday 6:30 AM & 7:45 PM
Tuesday 6:45 AM & 7:45 PM
Wednesday 6:45 AM & 7:45 PM
Thursday 6:30 AM & 7:45 PM
Friday 6:30 AM & 5:45 PM





Rabbi Mark Fishman

Rabbi's Thoughts

Shanah Tova from Rabbi Fishman

Dear Friends,I wanted to share a few ‘sweet’ things with you for the New Year:The first is a list titled:Seven Ways To Help You Through Cooking For Rosh Hashanah. Any list that begins with: “Inhale” gets my vote.For a beautiful versions of Avinu Malkeinu  from Barbara Streisand.From the educational website TorahLive there are two videos that caught my attention this year. The first is the very powerful video giving an overview to Rosh Hashanah. The second is more educational explaining how our shofar blasts reach the number 100.The video of the year award goes to Shimon Peres as he presents: Shimon Peres Goes Job Hunting..For those of you wanting an in-depth analysis for the reason and nature of the Shofar, here is an excellent halakhah article by one of my teachers in Israel.Perhaps the hardest video to watch and at the same time the most inspirational comes from Rachelle Fraenkel as she shares her Rosh Hashanah message.  Continue Reading View Archive


Explore Beth Tikvah's different programs. There's something for everyone.

  • acharai
    • Inspiring our future leaders is a very important part of our congregations mission. We have a variety of programs and activities to engage young adults.
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  • hebrew-academy
    Hebrew Academy
    • Our primary goal is to plant and nurture the seeds of Jewish pride within everyone of our students.
    • Learn More
  • olam
    • CBTASNH's new division formed to unite Jewish Women (ages 25-45) in programs of community building and learning.
    • Learn More
  • playful-parenting
    Playful Parenting
    • Playful Parenting prides itself on its professional staff and programming. The teachers create a safe and nurturing environment that encourages wonder, creativity and builds confidence.
    • Learn More
  • bty
    • BTY is a program offered by the synagogue for the children of our community. Our participants range between Pre-Kindergarten and grade 11. We offer exciting weekly programs and strive to fill the building with laughter, learning and fun.
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