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We are a family focused synagogue providing educational, spiritual, and recreational opportunities for all ages. While Orthodox in practice, we embrace every Jew and attempt to extend both a level of comfort and opportunities for growth for all.

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September 5 – September 12
Friday 6:45 am & 7:00 pm
Saturday 8:45 am & 7:00 pm
Shabbat concludes 8:08 pm
Sunday 8:00 am & 7:00  pm
Monday & Thursday 6:30 am & 7:10 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday 6:45 am & 7:10 pm
Friday 6:45 am & 7:00 pm




Rabbi Mark Fishman

Rabbi's Thoughts

Fruit From The Tree – Ki Tavo

Our parasha this week opens up with the mitzvah of first fruits. Upon seeing the first fig or pomegranate begin to grow on the tree the farmer would dedicate it and take it to Jerusalem to offer as a gift to G-d. In a strange twist on this opening command the Midrash Tanhuma makes the following observation: “Moses saw that the first fruits would one day no longer be brought and so he instituted prayer in their place.”

It would seem that prayer is also a “first fruit” of sorts. We get up in the morning and we pray. For some of us that might mean coming to minyan and praying in the requisite service at the synagogue.

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  • acharai
    • Inspiring our future leaders is a very important part of our congregations mission. We have a variety of programs and activities to engage young adults.
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  • hebrew-academy
    Hebrew Academy
    • Our primary goal is to plant and nurture the seeds of Jewish pride within everyone of our students.
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  • olam
    • CBTASNH's new division formed to unite Jewish Women (ages 25-45) in programs of community building and learning.
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  • playful-parenting
    Playful Parenting
    • Playful Parenting prides itself on its professional staff and programming. The teachers create a safe and nurturing environment that encourages wonder, creativity and builds confidence.
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  • bty
    • BTY is a program offered by the synagogue for the children of our community. Our participants range between Pre-Kindergarten and grade 11. We offer exciting weekly programs and strive to fill the building with laughter, learning and fun.
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